…when they unwrapped the book


What they said when they unwrapped the book

Richard Cogswell

Dear Philip,
Thanks for your letter and advance copy of the publication.
Well done! I think it was Mary who told me that the idea came from you watching how the UK PM was treated with courtesy by counsel in public hearings. You’ve now seen it through.  It was a very worthy ambition that you have realised.  A lot of people have good ideas and talk about them but you have done a whole lot more.
I look forward to the launch in Sydney …

Gillian Groom

Dear Phil,
…we have received the copy of your book that you sent.  It looks superb, you have done a great job.  My reading so far has been limited due to pressure of work ahead of leaving, but it is an excellent format for dipping into …

Tania Sourdin

Thanks so much Philip and congratulations on the book.  I received my hard copy in the post and it looks very interesting.  I wish you all the best with the Canberra launch.

Peter Ellyard

You have created a marvellous book.  Lots of very thoughtful insights.  Congratulations.  It should do well.

Christopher Balmford

Hi Philip,
Congratulations on your book.  Great to see it and feel it in the hand.  Am looking forward to the read.  Here’s hoping the book, the website and ongoing activities achieve the laudable aims you had from the start.  Thank you for involving me.  I’m keen to stay involved and support the activities outlined in your letter.  Upwards & onwards.

Tim McCormack

Dear Philip,
I received my copy of So You Want to be a Leader late last week and write to congratulate you on it as well as to thank you for forwarding my advance copy.  I can see how hard you have worked to complete this stage of your project and I applaud your vision and all your effort so far.  All the very best with the launch events and with your ideas for following up the publication of the book and the engagement of the next generation in the ideas you have had addressed.
With my warmest regards,

Nick Jans

Congrats.  It is terrific.  I’ll get back with more comment later.  

Andrew Leigh

The book looks terrific – congratulations!

Matthew Rimmer

Dear Philip,
Much thanks for your leadership book.  Great that you got it done!  Such an amazing group of people … I am heading off to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in July to lead a group of researchers on IP and media law.  Your leadership book is bound to be helpful!
Matthew Rimmer